Cause-Driven Organization

Initiating Change


Embold helps prepare individuals for success by providing online courses in 2 major categories: 

  • Professional Skills - such as the ability to work well in teams, communicate effectively, and uphold a professional demeanor 


  • Technical Skills – providing detailed instruction on the most highly sought-after skills in today’s work environment and preparing individuals to obtain industry-recognized credentials 


The eLearning platform provides high-quality, specialized training via a turn-key solution for administrators.  The training is divided into multiple modules that the students can take at their own pace, on any device.   




-  Just-in-time, just-for-me options

-  Short 2-5 minute bursts of learning and reference

-  Experts, scenarios, animation, "how-to"

-  Reinforce, practice, assess

-  Anytime access via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone



Professional Skills

The Embold professional skills training supplement provides comprehensive online training that directly corresponds to each of the 14 professional skills identified in the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal Rubric. 

-  Reliability
-  Work Ethic
-  Punctuality
-  Discipline
-  Teamwork/Collaboration

-  Professionalism
-  Learning Agility
-  Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving 
-  Leadership
-  Creativity/Innovation

-  Oral and Written Communications
-  Digital Technology
-  Global/Intercultural Fluency
-  Career Management

Technical Skills

Embold offers an extensive library of business/technical courses preparing individuals to obtain industry-recognized credentials from Amazon, (ISC)2, CompTIA, PMI, Cisco, Microsoft and more…

Covering topics such as:

-  Blockchain
-  Data Security
-  Six Sigma
-  Penetration Testing

-  Amazon Web Services
-  Microsoft Azure
-  Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
-  Cloud Migration

-  Cloud Security
-  Agile Development
-  Java

-  Ethical Hacking



Embold Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Shelby, Ohio.  Our business model appears very similar to any profit-maximizing business, however, the underlying objective of Embold is to create social benefits.  Comparative to any for-profit business, we provide products/services for a profit, but the surplus generated is then utilized to meet social needs. Embold is cause-driven rather than profit-driven, with the hope of being a change agent for the world.


100% of the profits generated by Embold are utilized to support educational & humanitarian efforts in Guatemala




242 Joelynn Drive 

Shelby, OH 44875 

Phone: (800) 562-9189

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