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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement approach that seeks to improve performance by eliminating waste and defects. It combines Lean Management and Six Sigma methods and tools to reduce variation, cycle time, and operational costs, while increasing customer satisfaction and value creation. It is a fact-based, data-driven philosophy of improvement that values defect prevention over defect detection.

Yellow Belt

Green Belt

 100% Online, Self-Paced Training 
Online Content Hours = 20
Topics Covered
  • Six Sigma and Lean: Foundations and Principles
  • Team Basics, Roles, and Responsibilities

  • Six Sigma: Quality Tools

  • Six Sigma: Metrics

  • Six Sigma: Identifying Projects

  • Six Sigma: Project Management Basics

  • Basic Six Sigma Statistics

  • Classifying and Collecting Data

  • Six Sigma Measurement System Analysis

  • Lean Tools and FMEA

  • Data Analysis and Root Cause Analysis in Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma Correlation, Regression, and Hypothesis Testing

  • Six Sigma Techniques for Improvement

  • Six Sigma Control Tools and Documentation

Credentialing Requirement
70%+ on the end-of-course final exam 
$100  (Includes Training & Credentialing) 

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Online Content Hours = 35
Topics Covered
  • Organizational Goals and Six Sigma

  • Lean Principles in Six Sigma Projects

  • FMEA and Design for Six Sigma

  • Identifying Six Sigma Projects

  • Six Sigma Voice of the Customer

  • Six Sigma Project Management Essentials

  • Management and Planning Tools for Six Sigma

  • Six Sigma Performance Metrics

  • Team Dynamics and Performance for Six Sigma Projects

  • Six Sigma Process Documentation and Analysis

  • Six Sigma Probability and Statistical Distributions

  • Six Sigma Data Classification, Sampling, and Collection

  • Six Sigma Statistics and Graphical Presentation

  • Six Sigma Measurement Systems Analysis

  • Six Sigma Process and Performance Capability Measurement

  • Six Sigma Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Six Sigma Hypothesis Testing Fundamentals

  • Six Sigma Hypothesis Tests for Variances and Proportions

  • Six Sigma Design of Experiments

  • Six Sigma Root Cause Analysis and Waste Elimination

  • Six Sigma Cycle-time Reduction and Kaizen Blitz

  • Six Sigma Statistical Process Control Basics

  • Six Sigma Control Charts

  • Six Sigma Process Control Tools

Credentialing Requirement
70%+ on the end-of-course final exam 
$100  (Includes Training & Credentialing) 
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