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The Building Blocks of Building Trust

Who can I trust around here? This is a more common workplace question than most of us might like to admit. Building relationships and trust within professional networks is done like a mason building a wall – one stone at a time. Trust is a core ingredient in positive relationships. Without it, the mason's wall takes on a whole new analogy – a barrier, with no gate for entry. This course explores trust what makes you and others trustworthy, and how to demonstrate trustworthiness through you own professional accountability.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize trustworthy people based on their behaviors

  • recognize opportunities to demonstrate trustworthiness at work

  • identify readiness factors to build trust with others

  • connect with others in a way that promotes trust building

  • recognize listening skills to seek to understand others

  • demonstrate ways to maintain trust while collaborating

  • recognize the steps for confronting broken trust with communication

  • recognize strategies for rebuilding trust


Expected Duration (hours)

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