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Become a Great Listener


Communication is a two-way process – while one person provides information, another must not only understand what is meant, but also show that they’re being receptive to that information. This requires strong listening skills – a vital asset in any business environment. In this course, you'll work on sharpening your listening skills and getting yourself in the right receptive mindset for communicating. You'll learn how to recognize the behaviors that indicate receptivity, as well as to identify the different types of listener. You’ll also learn how to ask the right questions to ensure that you understand what is being communicated.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize how adopting a receptive mindset can improve your interpersonal communications

  • recognize behaviors that indicate receptivity to a communication

  • recognize the traits of different types of listeners

  • recognize examples of effective listening skills being applied in interpersonal communications

  • recognize examples of effective questions that are used to clarify messages or get more information

  • be receptive to communications by being a good listener

Expected Duration (hours)

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