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Choosing the Right Interpersonal Communication Method to Make Your Point


Today there are more communication methods than ever before. Choosing the right method for the situation can have a huge impact on how your method is received. The further you stray from communication methods that are rich in personal attributes, the more likely it will result in a one-way communication. In this course, you'll learn how to select the best communication methods to convey your intention and target your audience. By doing so, you improve the odds of getting your message across and leaving your audience feeling informed, enlightened, and engaged.

Lesson Objectives

  • choose interpersonal communication methods that are most appropriate based on your intention

  • recognize how audience characteristics inform your decision on which method to use for your interpersonal communications

  • recognize the appropriate audience for receiving an e-mail

  • identify the best way to format and write your e-mails

  • recognize ways to connect with your audience during face-to-face interpersonal communications

  • determine how to start off on a positive note when delivering feedback to a coworker

  • recognize how to deliver feedback while keeping emotions in check

  • choose effective, efficient communication methods that properly convey intent

Expected Duration (hours)

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