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Cultivating a Passion for Learning


Having a passion for learning and developing talent helps you stay engaged, motivated, and driven. New challenges require new ideas, new solutions, and new skills and knowledge. And this requires continuous learning and self-development. Being a passionate learner is crucial to staying motivated, engaged, and up to date. Therefore, organizations need to invest in developing employees.

In this course, you'll explore the benefits, best practices, and techniques of using organizational learning for developing people. You'll learn about the characteristics of passionate learners. You'll also learn about various learning preferences, techniques, and best practices for leveraging them. And you’ll explore how to develop a culture of learning in your organization.

Lesson Objectives

  • identify the key benefits of having a passion for learning

  • recognize the common characteristics of lifelong learners

  • recognize different learning preferences

  • identify best practices for effective lifelong learning

  • recognize techniques for fostering a passion for learning in others

Expected Duration (hours)

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