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Building Personal Power through Influence


Along with being credible and trustworthy, you can get results without direct authority by using your influence. Effective influence skills are probably the biggest differentiator when getting results without authority. When you influence, you engage and enlist others in getting results – without necessarily having formal power. Influence is not about forcing or exerting – it's about getting people on your side for good reasons. Three ways to promote influence are through language/effective communication, reciprocity/exchanging 'currencies', and persevering through resistance.

Lesson Objectives

  • identify the characteristics of influence

  • recognize considerations when preparing to use influence in a situation

  • identify the communication skills to employ when using the law of reciprocity

  • influence others using reciprocity

  • select statements that reflect words that were chosen to influence

  • use effective language to influence others

  • recognize situations that may cause resistance

  • recognize examples of the steps for managing resistance

  • use methods to influence people and situations

Expected Duration (hours)

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