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Avoid Procrastination by Getting Organized Instead

Procrastination reduces your productivity while causing you stress at the same time. Procrastinating is a habit that causes urgent and difficult tasks to pile up as you studiously avoid them. Developing and applying organization skills, you can declutter your schedule and avoid putting off work that demands your attention. In this course, you'll learn about the reasons people procrastinate, and the benefits of organizing your time. You'll learn how to build self-discipline and combat time wasters, as well as how to bring more organization to your day. And finally, you'll explore how to set priorities and how to say no when you need to.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize the benefits of overcoming procrastination

  • recognize the causes of workplace procrastination

  • recognize ways to develop discipline in a given scenario

  • match the actions to take to combat time wasters

  • recognize how to set priorities and keep focused

  • identify ways to say "no" and avoid over commitment


Expected Duration (hours)

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