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Reaching Goals Using Perseverance and Resilience

You will have a hard time persevering without incorporating the benefits of trust and resilience into your efforts. Trusting yourself, trusting others, and having others trust you helps you build confidence, stay open-minded, and remove obstacles. Being resilient and able to get back up when you are knocked down helps you take the next step, continue on the planned course, and do so without harm to yourself or others. In this course, you will learn about earning trust and assessing your circle of trusted people, as well as developing resilience, and what to do to regain trust and rebuild resilience.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize tasks and activities that require perseverance

  • identify the actions that help you factor perseverance into your goals

  • determine whether you should keep persevering at a goal

  • adjust your perseverance efforts when the situation calls for it

  • recognize strategies to help stay the course in the face of common obstacles

  • use strategies to deal with people who obstruct your efforts to persevere

  • use strategies to stay motivated by taking a break from perseverance

  • recognize when to stop persevering toward a goal


Expected Duration (hours)

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