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Keeping Business Calls Professional


In business, one of the oldest communication tools is still among the most important – the telephone. However, although it so common and widespread, many people lack the verbal communication skills needed to create a positive impression when using the phone. In this course, you'll learn about some basic rules of etiquette that will help improve your phone skills and keep your business calls professional. You'll explore general best practices, and how to make and receive calls professionally. You'll also learn some best practices for using a cell or smart phone, and how to record and leave effective voicemail messages.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize why the telephone is such an important business tool

  • recognize general best practices for using the telephone

  • recognize best practices for making and receiving calls

  • identify examples of best practices for using a cell phone

  • recognize examples of appropriate recorded voicemail greetings

  • recognize appropriate examples of leaving voicemail messages


Expected Duration (hours)

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