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Developing a Personal Accountability Framework


You are juggling a lot of competing tasks. Meeting deadlines, production targets, and business objectives are serious responsibilities. It's tempting, at times, to find easy ways out of fulfilling them, or to use excuses as to why you can't. But to be accountable is part of being a professional. Demonstrating your personal and professional accountability is key to your ongoing success. Building accountability is a process of showing that you're a reliable, organized, and dedicated person, and further, ensuring accountability means taking ownership of your responsibilities. In this course you'll learn how to show leadership accountability, implementing strategies for setting goals, developing an action plan, and seeing all those competing tasks through to completion.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize an appropriate accountability goal for a given set of priorities, objectives, and passions

  • recognize examples of SMART goals

  • sequence the steps in creating an action plan

  • match different types of activities to their time and energy requirements

  • identify methods of staying focused

  • match energy types to the activities that help recharge them


Expected Duration (hours)

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