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Do We Have a Failure to Communicate?


Communicating effectively can be challenging when having difficult conversations. Because these challenges typically involve emotions such as hurt, anger, or confusion, it's not uncommon for people to avoid one another or shut down, preventing what could be a productive exchange at many levels. In this course, you'll examine some common communication challenges and how you can successfully navigate them. By showing patience, perseverance, and accountability, you can effectively deal with tough conversations, communicate your message, and reach mutual understanding and agreement.

Lesson Objectives

  • identify the signs of a miscommunication

  • recognize how to resolve a miscommunication that has occurred

  • recognize how to be prepared to deliver bad news

  • recognize how to effectively communicate messages that are likely to be difficult for your audience to hear

  • recognize techniques for fixing or improving communications that have broken off

  • work through challenging interpersonal communications

Expected Duration (hours)

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