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Self-improvement for Lifelong Success


No matter how much experience you may have, there's always room for improvement. Self-improvement is a lifelong journey of learning that can have lasting positive impacts on your personal and professional life. By encouraging organizational learning with both established and developing employees, you can foster an environment of self-development. In this course, you'll learn about the key principles for committing to self-improvement and continuous learning. You'll also learn how to create a plan to organize self-improvement activities and start developing talent. You’ll find out how to develop an effective self-improvement mentoring relationship when developing people. And you’ll explore what common obstacles you may encounter in your self-improvement efforts.

Lesson Objectives

  • identify key principles of committing to self-improvement

  • recognize the positive impacts self-improvement efforts can have on your life

  • identify the five steps for creating a self-improvement plan

  • identify activities that help you maintain an openness to learning and self-development

  • identify the key characteristics necessary for developing a positive self-improvement mentoring relationship

  • recognize common obstacles to self-improvement

Expected Duration (hours)

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