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Procrastination: Admitting it is the First Step

Procrastinating can be a big obstacle to efficient time management. The good news is that there are ways to overcome a tendency to procrastinate. The trick is to figure out what your own personal reason is for putting off what you know you need to do. In this course, you'll discover what may be behind your tendency to procrastinate by learning the indicators. Then you'll explore many helpful techniques and strategies for dealing with procrastination and improving efficiency. There are four key areas covered in this course: improving focus, increasing self-motivation, taking action, and improving your ability to organize.

Lesson Objectives

  • match causes of procrastination with key indicators

  • use techniques to overcome procrastination by being less distracted

  • use self-motivation techniques to overcome procrastination

  • use techniques to overcome procrastination by becoming more decisive

  • use strategies to overcome procrastination by organizing your time


Expected Duration (hours)

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