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Navigating Your Own Emotions


In the workplace, emotions can often run high; sometimes, they can cause you to say or do things that you may later regret. But the only person responsible for your emotions is you; you own them. That’s why developing emotional intelligence is so crucial in protecting your professional reputation. In this course, you’ll learn how to manage your emotional IQ, or EQ, in order to handle difficult situations more effectively. You’ll explore the science behind emotion, self-management techniques, as well as methods for recovering from emotional hijackings. You'll also learn different strategies for building emotional intelligence, such as taking ownership of your emotions, becoming emotionally self-aware, and identifying emotions.

Lesson Objectives

  • identify examples of emotions, feelings, and moods

  • recognize actions and characteristics associated with emotional self-awareness

  • identify behaviors that can be practiced to cultivate emotional self-awareness

  • recognize the chain of events leading to an emotional response

  • recognize examples of properly applied self-management techniques

  • identify appropriate self-management techniques to use in an emotionally charged situation

  • use self-awareness and self-management strategies to deal with emotional responses


Expected Duration (hours)

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