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Establishing Self-confidence for Life


Healthy self-confidence is critical for success in your life, and not just your personal life, but professional as well. When the people you interact with in daily life sense that you don't feel confident in yourself, they may not feel confident in you either. In this course, you'll learn what's meant by 'self-confidence,' and the behavioral indicators of low and healthy self-confidence levels. You'll also learn how to perform a personal analysis of your current self-confidence levels, so you know which areas to work on. Finally, you'll discover real-world techniques you can use for building and maintaining healthy self-confidence levels.

Lesson Objectives

  • distinguish between the key contributing elements of self-confidence

  • identify behaviors that indicate low self-confidence

  • recognize healthy self-confidence behavioral indicators

  • identify the steps for assessing your current self-confidence level

  • recognize techniques to use to increase your level of self-confidence

  • identify techniques for maintaining healthy self-confidence levels

Expected Duration (hours)

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