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Leveraging Emotional Intelligence


To be an effective leader, you must be able to manage relationships in a positive way. This means working on your emotional quotient (EQ) by improving your self-awareness, empathy, and ability to deal sensitively with the feelings of others. This course provides you with an understanding of why emotional intelligence (EI) abilities are crucial to your success as a leader. It also provides you with practical, positive techniques for promoting and improving your emotional intelligence quotient (EIQ) so you can navigate emotions and relationships within your business environment.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize why emotional intelligence is important in the workplace

  • identify examples of the domains associated with emotional intelligence

  • recognize examples of techniques for developing self-perception

  • match ways of enhancing social perception to examples

  • identify techniques you can use to help control your emotions

  • recognize techniques that demonstrate emotional intelligence in facilitating

  • recognize how to use emotional intelligence effectively in your workplace

Expected Duration (hours)

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