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Assessing Your Own Leadership Performance


If you're working on a team in a team leadership position, monitoring your own progress as you develop is a simple and effective way to ensure success in your team collaboration. Knowing how to self-assess your teamwork and leadership competencies will help you improve your skills when managing teams in the future. In this course, you'll learn about techniques leaders can use to carry out a self-assessment, such as reflective journaling, surveys and checklists, and 360-degree feedback. You'll also learn ways to increase your motivation and manage your own learning by creating a leadership development plan.

Lesson Objectives

  • list the steps in using reflective journaling for self-assessment

  • recall the process for using surveys and checklists for self-assessment

  • identify key concepts of self-assessment via 360-degree feedback

  • recognize leading and listening techniques for self-motivation

  • identify examples of self-motivation techniques related to challenging and empowering

  • recall self-motivation techniques related to rewarding

  • recall steps to take before writing a leadership development plan

  • list steps for writing and implementing a leadership development plan

Expected Duration (hours)

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