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Becoming Your Own Best Boss

Have you ever thought that you could be the best boss you've ever had? By developing attitudes and skills that empower you, you can manage from within and become your own best boss. Self-empowerment is the process of taking responsibility for your attitudes, behaviors, and actions at work to maximize your effectiveness. As an empowered employee, you will be driven by ownership, initiative, and performance. This course focuses on attitudes and behaviors that promote self-empowerment. It provides strategies for empowering yourself through self-coaching, approaches for developing an entrepreneurial mind-set, and an opportunity to apply a model for self-empowerment to enhance your performance. Applying these approaches will help you become a self-empowered contributor in your organization.

Lesson Objectives

  • recognize negative self-talk

  • replace self-defeating talk with the language of self-coaching

  • choose statements that reflect an attitude of job ownership

  • recognize actions that demonstrate initiative

  • sequence the steps in the self-empowerment model

  • choose examples of proper use of the self-empowerment model

  • identify professional strengths and areas for development

  • recognize relevant choices for professional development


Expected Duration (hours)

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